Electrical Hazards In The Home

Research available from the electrical safety body, the NAPIT, has found that the public are mostly unaware of the electrical dangers lurking in their homes. Householders that were questioned had electrical hazards in their homes including exposed bare wires, loose cables, old wiring and overloaded sockets.The research also shows a considerable level of ignorance about the condition of home electrics. 40% of people had no idea about the age of the wiring within their home and 1 in 5 said...

Very Dangerous Plug

Are Your Plugs Safe

Are Your Plugs SafeThis tip might seem a bit bizarre – after all a plug is something that we generally take for granted, so long as it contains the right fuse, all should be good right?Unfortunately, this is not always the case. The Electrical Safety Council (ESC) carried out some tests on plug tops in the UK. The ESC is a UK charity that is dedicated to keeping people safe by reducing the risk of electrical accidents around the home and in the workplace.The plug tops in question had been pur...

FAQ’s for House Rewiring

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Guide to the Consumer Unit

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